Capri Store

Capri lives immersed in a halo of mythology and legend. In Homer’s words, it is the island where the sirens used to hide. Even the Capresi tell that once it was their legendary refuge and that their singing enchanted the sailors, led them to perdition and so they ran aground their boats. Origen for his collection has made limited edition garments, and drew inspiration from this legend for his prints, including figures such as mermaids, stranded boats and sea monsters, all wrapped in a dream of madness.

Ponza Store

Italy will never stop surprising us. Ponza was not going to be less.

Ponza is a return to the past with a hopeful future. An island located between Rome and the Amalfi coast that it seems created for disconnection and the authentic Italian dolce vita. Even Homer mentions Ponza in the Odyssey, where it represents the island of Ea.

It is an ideal place to disconnect from dynamism and exalted rhythms, in Ponza there can be many things, but none of them responds to haste. Its calm rhythm, its delicious gastronomy and the lively life of its narrow and cobbled streets, dotted with a multitude of shops of all kinds, do the rest.


To have, this beautiful Mediterranean island even has its own perfume, with floral notes such as orange blossom and acidic fruit notes such as lemon.

The best advice that can be given to know Ponza is, first enjoy it, and then let yourself go. Your steps will surely take you into the ORIGEN Flagship Store, located at number 115 of Via Dante Alighieri (Tunnel S. Antonio).


ORIGEN Man - Capri

Via Roma 34B
80073, Capri (NA), Italia

ORIGEN Man - Ponza

Via Dante Alighieri, 115 (Tunnel S. Antonio)
04027 Ponza (LT), Italia